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Exclusive investments

The Teaminvest Diversified Growth Fund (TDGF) is a wholesale ‘Fund of Funds’ that provides investors access to a
diversified portfolio of growth investments including:

Australian and International Equities via the Conscious Investor Fund

High Yield Asset-Backed Corporate Debt via EM Commercial Finance

Private Equity via Teaminvest Private

The Teaminvest Approach

TDGF has specifically chosen to invest in Teaminvest related entities due to their unique and rigorous approach to investing.

More information about each Fund Manager’s investment process can be found by requesting a copy of our Information Memorandum, but all three require potential investments to pass through significant hurdles. All Teaminvest entities use the Teaminvest investment methodology, a powerful approach to investing that analyses the commercial features of each business along with its board and senior management.

Teaminvest doesn’t just look at whether an investment can be profitable, but seeks to understand how and why a business makes money and to identify risks that could endanger future revenue and profit. Doing so has led to a history of strong and stable investor returns.

Exclusive Access

TDGF provides an opportunity for investors to access a highly exclusive portfolio of diversified investments through a simple fund structure. Unlike directly participating in the component investments, investing via TDGF does not require a detailed interview process and substantial establishment costs. TDGF has the following characteristics:

Minimum investment$20,000
Establishment feeNil
Investment Management Fee1.50% per annum
Performance fee20% of any Fund Performance greater than a 6% per annum Hurdle Rate

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